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Useful resources on implementation of Oracle e-Business suite

Other Resources

Oracle Applications User Group - OAUG
The Oracle Applications Users Group serves as the pre-eminent, international, and independent voice of users of Oracle Applications

Oracle e-Business Suite Profit™ Magazine - Oramag
If you appreciate the world of efficient business processes you'll love to see what this site has in stock.

Oracle Applications Network - Appsnet
This is proving to be one of the foremost online e-Business communities and discussion forum.

A Text Editor that beats notepad and wordpad hands down - Textpad
Honest, we're not distributors. We just feel that it's a good product and wanted to share this with you.

E-Commerce in Africa - Afrocommerce
An interesting resource on doing business with Nigeria and Africa. This site has some useful links as well.

Learn all about portals at the Oracle Portal Community
Web portals are taking the internet world by storm. It is the portals' simplicity that makes it efficient. This site brings together everyone and everything you need to know about Oracle9iAS Portal.

Have you visited one of the fastest growing technical communities in the Oracle World?
This is currently one of the most useful technical resource sites for developers using the Oracle tool.