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Cybernhave gathered together some of the most knowledgeable groups of Consultants working with business solution software and tools. Our Consultants' understanding of the technology is augmented by practical experience of the business sectors we operate in. We're known for our flair and our flexible and innovative approach to changing and developing business processes. These same strengths have now made us front-runners in e-business.

Our Approach

CybernConsultants are all full-time employees. Contractors who might be unsure how to go about the job or might leave before completion do not staff our project teams, unlike those of our competitors. This guarantees consistency throughout the project's lifetime.

In a global marketplace distinguished by remarkable growth and consolidation,companies face a host of new challenges in todays economy. Cybernhelps clients sucessfully respond to changing opportunities by providing professional services when they're needed.

We provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Management and Internet consulting solutions to companies in the UK, US, Middle East and Africa.

Founded in 1997, Cybern is a fast growing company with an expanding client base and a reputation for clear business solutions


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