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Education & Training

An integral objective of any Cybern project is the transfer of skills from our Consultants to the client's project team and employees.
All training offered by Cybern is based on business processes, ensuring not only a sound knowledge of the system but also relevance to the business and the daily tasks.

Education and Training form an integral part of the services that we provide.
We have teamed up with STG Online, a Silicon Valley based company, delivering high-tech Certification training programs for Windows 2000 (MCSE), Oracle 9i (OCP),Java and Cisco (CCNA) using an innovative Click and Mortar approach. The curriculum is designed so that students spend 2/3 rd of their time in our Instructor led web classroom, and 1/3 rd in a computer lab with an instructor.

We will build a suite of training courses tailored to the client's requirements.
This will include presentations, instructor - led delivery and workshop exercises.
Our Consultants will have knowledge of the particular business sector; so the examples and scenarios they create for the client to work through will reflect the individuality of the business. The time Cybern spend on providing tailored training maximises the overall benefit to the client.

We currently run courses in the following areas leading to certification.
  • Oracle Development Tools - Covers training in Oracle development tools and languages
  • Training across the Oracle E-Business Suite - Oracles' enterprise suite of applications
  • General IT - Covers training in other areas of IT including Windows 2000 certification
We also offer:
  • Training at either the client's site or Cybern's training facility;
  • One-off bespoke courses
  • Technical training


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